Korean Buddhism, Its History & Cultural Heritage: Baekdamsa Monastery-4

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Korean Buddhism, Its History & Cultural Heritage: Baekdamsa Monastery-4

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​Mugumseonwon(무금선원 無今禪院: Gateless Gate Meditation Hall)

There are many temples in Korea. There are two thousand temples under the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. These two thousand temples are official ones which have been in the Korean penninsular for more than one thousand and five hundred years. Most of them have been existing since the Three Kingdoms of Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla including Gaya Kingdom as well. Two thousand temples are registered at Government of Republic of Korea as a traditional temple. It means that traditional temples should be protected and repaired by budget of Korean Government by law. But there are more than five thousand temples which belong to orders and corporations. There are also several hundred temples which belong to private possession.

Baekdamsa monastery is a traditional temple which is registered at Korean Government. Baekdamsa runs temple stay programme for lay buddhists and general people who want to have experience of staying temple for a week or more depending on programme and individual ability. ​
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Baekdamsa monastery runs temple stay programmes all year long. The temple stay programme was brought in on the occasion of APEC in Busan in 2005. Some temples were open for ​​​​foriegn people who were interested in staying in buddhist temples including natives. Since then many temples under the Jogye Order have started to run temple stay programmes. Baekdamsa also has opened and run temple stay programmes since then. Baekdamsa monastery's temple stay programmes are very popular for foriegn people and native koreans. Baekdamsa monatery is different from other temple's temple stay programmes in many ways.

If anyone who is interested in temple stay programmes, one can contact Baekdamsa monastery(Tel: +82 (0)33 462 6969) directly by telephone. ​Even if you are not a monk or nun but you can have experience as like an ascetic who follows monastic daily life's schedule. When one who joins monastic daily life, one should be beyond the secular life. So those who join temple stay programmes ones should not think or stict to the secular life for a while so that ones can understand and have experience as like an ascetic. These temple stay programmes are very special and unique for non ascetics regardless of gender or race and ages. However one who wants to be a monk or a nun, one should enter into Jogye Order sangha and takes certain period for study and practice as a novice in order to be a monk and a nun after taking ordination. If one who becomes a monk, then he can join Baekdamsa monastery Elementary Seon Hall for three months retreat. But if you are a nun, you go to a nunnery in which is located in other place.

​Writer:Dr. Lee Chi-Ran